The DevOps Platform: Overview

The DevOps Platform is a tools environment for continuously testing, releasing and maintaining applications. Reference code, delivery pipelines, automated testing and environments can be loaded in via the concept of Cartridges.

The platform runs on a Docker container cluster so it can be stood up for evaluation purposes on just one server using local storage, or stood up in a multi-data centre cluster with distributed network storage. It will also run anywhere that Docker runs.

Here is the front page:


Once you have a stack up and running, you can log in with the username and password created upon start-up.

If you provisioned your stack using the start-up CLI, an example workspace containing an example project and an example cartridge will all have been pre-loaded in Jenkins:


Once you have explored this the next step is to create your own Workspace and Project and then load another cartridge using a 'Load Cartridge' job in the 'Cartridge Management' folder (that automatically gets created in any Project). The cartridge development cartridge also helps create your own cartridges.