Looking to implement test automation in a project?

…How about jump-starting your project’s test automation and avoiding typical heavy, upfront investment for framework creation?

Accenture Test Automation Open Source Modular Libraries (ATOM)

The ATOM is an accelerator and test harness for building automated tests for browser-based applications, mobile applications and web services. It consists of loosely coupled Java libraries, which are based on open source libraries.

How does it help?

The aim is to allow new test projects to reuse these libraries and to focus primarily on developing the test cases and test code. A lot of time and effort is often invested in creating a new test automation framework to support test automation; the ATOM reduces this need by providing a ready-to-use solution.

The ATOM supports behavior-riven development (BDD) and TestNG-based testing using a robust set of open source tools and libraries.

How does it work?

As per industry best practice, an automation framework should be tool- and technology-agnostic, as well as easy to implement and reus in a wide variety of applications/platforms. The ATOM provides a common baseline and reusable architecture and platform to accelerate the development of test automation across teams.

The ATOM is a Java-based framework and has a built-in capability for web/mobile applications, as well as service/microservice-based applications (REST, SOAP). The ATOM also provides the capability for executing tests in a cloud-based environment (SauceLabs, BrowserStack).

Since the ATOM is a group of multiple loosely coupled test libraries, your project can use all or some of the libraries according to its test automation requirements. The ATOM’s libraries can be consumed by either including the ATOM’s source code directly in your project, or by creating jars from the source code and importing them directly into your project.

Test Automation Framework

How and where to use?

IF any of these apply:

  • Starting a new project with no exiting automation
  • Codeless automation is required for API testing
  • Automation has to be developed from scratch in an existing project
  • Automation has to be developed while up-skilling the team
  • Looking to migrate a project’s existing automation framework code to a better framework with rich test supporting libraries
  • Seeking a free and open source test automation framework


  • ATOM could be an answer.

The ATOM’s libraries can be used in combination depending on your project’s automation scope.

  • API with BDD – Common + API + Cucumber + Reporting*
  • API with TestNG – Common + API
  • Web/Mobile with BDD – Common + Selenium + Cucumber + Reporting*
  • Web/Mobile with TestNG – Common + Selenium
  • Extent or Allure, depending on the choice of project
  • There are other supporting libraries – Db (Oracle, MySQl, Sybase, Mongo), Jira, Wiremock and Messaging Queue (Rabbit MQ), which can be used with any of the combinations above.

What’s next?

Give it a try. Use it, share it, fork it and don’t forget to submit your pull requests.

Let us know what you think! Find us on Github.