Architecture - Cartridges

A cartridge is a standardised approach of packaging and sharing reusable software delivery assets. They will typically defines the Git repositories with sample code, Jenkins jobs and pipelines that define a reference implementation for a particular technology.

Cartridges can be loaded into the platform dynamically at any time and multiple cartridges can be loaded concurrently. They are designed for modularity and reuse and as a means for people to contribute to the platform.

Cartridges are defined according to the cartridge specification which is implemented by the cartridge skeleton which can be used as a basis for cartridge development.

Cartridge Collections

Cartridges can be grouped together into collections so that related cartridges can be loaded in one go.

Pluggable modules

Cartridges can also support Pluggable modules. At the moment Pluggable SCM is supported with which help you are able to use your desired SCM provider - Gerrit or BitBucket