Operating - Cartridges

Once you generate a project, you will be able to load cartridges.

  1. Access Jenkins
  2. Go into the workspace folder.
  3. Go into the project folder and access “Load_Cartridge” job.
  4. Go into “Cartridge Management” folder.
  5. Access “Load_Cartridge” job.
  6. Click on “Build with parameters”
  7. Enter the following parameters:
    • CARTRIDGE_CLONE_URL - Select cartridge URL to load from the dropdown list.
    • CARTRIDGE_FOLDER - The folder name within the project namespace where your cartridge will be loaded into.
    • FOLDER_DISPLAY_NAME - Display name of the folder where the cartridge is loaded.
    • FOLDER_DESCRIPTION - Description of the folder where the cartridge is loaded.
    • ENABLE_CODE_REVIEW - Enables Gerrit Code Reviewing for the selected cartridge.
    • OVERWRITE_REPOS - If ticked, existing code repositories will be overwritten. For first time cartridge runs, this property is redudant.
  8. Click “Build”.